Ok short storie:

Mikey started his job today and i have today off. So here i am all alone at home. Mind you i hate to be alone, that is like the worst. When you or anyone is alone they sometimes feel as if they are being watched or as if they arnt really alone/ hear weird noises and whatnot. Easly spooked if you will. So here i am sitting at the computer minding my own busniess, playing Insaniquarium (now for anyone how has played you get kinda zoned into it where there are a lot of fish to tend to) well i was really into it. Now previously in the week a friend had a birthday and i made a really cool balloon boquet for him. It was way cool. I put Hi Float in the latex so they would last a long time. Ok well... thouse 9 latex were in a bundle and floatig on the celling (with no ribbion)in the hall way by the bath room. They have been like that for days. *** OK back to me at the computer *** As i was playing this fish game and not minding whats going on around me this balloon bundle was slowly working its way toward me with out me knowing... Suddenly there it was right at my freaking head, touched my ear and my elbow. Scared the crap out of me i nearly passed out, all the hairs on my body were on end, and massive goose bumps. IT WAS CREEPY!!! I kicked the balloons away from me FAR away. I looked about the room to see if something/someoen had pushed then at me or somthing. But nothing.... NOTHING. I had maybe thought they air had been on and pushed them but no, no air. So i did what i thought was best i pulled out a knift and killed them. DAMN.

I love balloons... *giggles*

(btw im a very jumpy person)
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I love my Mikey! Miss you already sweetie! (Ill see you when i get home tonight)Remember its Saterday i dont get off till 6 home around 7!

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Yaay heading to Oly today. Ot to prove to be fun. Always a blast when we go see danny, that kid is the coolest! <3 ya Danny! Olympia is a pretty fun place too, like home, with less hicks. hehe. <3 Oly!

Oh yeah and the 2 1/2 hour bus ride is fun too! ;)
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*sigh* i sure do miss my Mikey! I cant wait till he comes home tomorrow. It sucks not having hugs and kissies, not talking to someone at night while in bed, not having someone here when i get home, miss staring into his cute eyes and looking at his beautiful face.

I love you sweetheart! MISS YOU. Its only been two days but its felt like an eternity!
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YAAY i remembered my password finally!!! So its been a while sence i have visited this site, to update mine or look at other peoples'. Funny because i used to be so into writing in the thing. *shrugs* But it was fun keeping up with people i miss a lot. So i just want to say Hello and I MISS YOU!!!!

Basicily Seattle Rocks, my job rocks. I love Mikey more and more very day, our friends are the coolest and concidered to be true friends! Thank you Jared and Giles *big hugs*.

Latly as in the last 8, 9 monthes have been rather fun, good experiences. I have been working at my job for almost 9 monthes i would say, and i have been permoted and have made some really good friends. I am now the Balloon Lady, I order new balloons and take big orders from companys/ people doing weddings and other big events. I love it. Balloons are my life right now lol. I have also been to a candy show (where Companys buy candy for holidays. THAT WAS FUN!) <3 work its like my second home hehe.

Home life has been great.We moved a few times, funny storie: Our second in seattle was a flop, crazy land lady, bedroom above staircase horrilbe situation. But we are out of that situation and happily at our first atp. Oi is the cuties animal ever she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. We have played many a card game over the monthes, she is getting very well at retreving them and putting them in your lap. I love her!

Mikey is my one ture love, we had our second year anniversary April 4th 2005! yaay! We have been very good to each other.

Latly Stevenson has been in my mind and heart. I miss family and friends. I wish i could take a break from life here in seattle and go back to stevenson for awhile. Catching up with people and doing fun things.<3 Everyone!!!

Also,I have been very very into this MMORPG online game. I have played that countless hours for a few months now. Im a level 41 Nightelf Hunter. Completing quests and making silly internet friends from New Zeland. *laughs* Fun times.

Well <333!! Ill probably repost again some times soon. *hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs*

***** HELLO RIO ********
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Well all of my Seattle friends are moving back in soon! I cant wait to have some fun, watching MST3K and playing Settlers of Catan, and HALO!!! Its going to be some fun times. I miss haning out with them!

Today is one of my days off i dont work Wed-Sat. I so would love to work more hours but its hard i guess there are a lot of people working there now, i belive there are a total of 10 peopole that work there all through out the week so *Shrugs* but its fun all of thouse 10 people are pretty cool people to. Although i did kinda notice with the people tha thave actually been wokign there a while they are kinda all about drama with the other workers, they seem to always bring up beef about them, its almost like the other store i was woking at. Weird i just hope things done ture out sour betweeen any one and myself. i dont think that will happen thou. I seem to get along with all of them so that is good! *smiles*

hmm.... just a few updates on some weird things i guess... its been a year total sence my car accident and im still afarid of cars!!! IM still a vegi. Me and mikey's relationship is going great as always, we have two people that live with us on a reagualar basis, but they are cool people. yeah thats about it. *laughs*

(Jimmy) thanks for writing me! i havent heard from you in a while (still play UO)? *giggles*
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Well im finally home have been for about two weeks now, it sure is good to be here and in the city again! The hole time we have been here we (me and mikeys friend that is living with us i call him bootstrap, mikey met him on the net, hes from Jersery) anyway, him and i went out for jobs and what not the hole week we were here and i got a job in the next week and so did he so that went really really well! I got a job at a party store in downtown Seattle, its a really great place, A LOT bigger and more hecktic then the party store i worked at. But it sure is fun, i really do love working in the party store business. Balloons still by far are my fave! Im not working full time yet but hope to be soon! I met this awesome chick that i work with her name is Rachel, she is kinda out of place, she thinks the world is against her sometimes,and i only met her yesterday, she is sure fun to be with thou! good people. I LOVE MY JOB! *smiles* other then that summer kinda sucked but it had its up points and fun times, it was not the best summer ever but it was ok, i also had a party stroe job up there and worked with mikeys mom, i helped her be nanny to two foster childeren that was ok again up points and down points. After a while thou things there just got kinda bad and we just had to get out of there, i had to quite my job and it was all good, bc we needed to get back up where we all were going insane! *smiles*

Yeah so i missed everyone, and am very gald i have got to talk to people i have missed and im doing great all for the fact im tired as hell.

 Few friends came over last night not in the best condition, (they were tripping on shrooms) never experienced someone like that it was entertaing for the most part but sucked bc mikey said he was going to stay up with them and i didnt want nothign bad to happen to mikey so i stayed up as well. but it all went well. *smiles*

 Oh yeah mikey is doing great he was excited to be back here as well, and hes happy that i got my job and that he is starting his radio show soon "Sat. 9-12 (pac)" ya all know the site, if ya done dont be afarid to ask hehe! but yeah hes kinda stressing bc he doesnt know if hes going to get his FInanital aid this year and we arnt sure on to what we will do if he doesnt. Its kinda a sticky situation but we will get throught it im sure. We are very strong. hehe

 Oi is doing great she is all weird and crazy, much better with people. She still loves the hell out of cards and loves to be weird. I sure love her. hehe well i guess i have to go do my hair for work (sorry if this was a boring entery kinda still waking up )

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Just wanted to say hello

well im here at a comp and i thought i might as well update this motherfucker hehe so here i go, A lot of shit has been going on in the last few weeks and monthes, been missing alot of people, dont a lot of work ya know just living life i guess.. one day at a time... i do hate when unexpected shit happens, like bad shit, just recently my doggy Bear got hit by a car he can be one stupid puppy (hes like 10 or 11 yrs old mind you) but he just went into surgery today again for his right side hip its out of place and dosnte seem to want to go back, so he is dealign with that and a broken elbo on his right side and his knee on his left side was out of place as well along with about 100+ staples in his sholder poor puppy he cant stand but is doing really well... and im very glad for that but the only bad thing is that is going to cost a fuck load of money that i me or my fam cant do... but we are going to do as best as we can ! i had to make the hardest (one of the hardest) descisions weather to help him or put him down (i have had this dog sence i was a little girl) and it tore me up to have to make it but i did and i hope i made the right descion *sigh* ...

Anyway also on the topic of pets.. my kitty Oi is a ferial kitty and is like very sittish and shy and is a house catand well she jsut recently came into heat (bad Oi) and was being all crazy and werid, and just the other day we coujldnt find her at all... i freaked out i was like she HAS to be in there and it turns out that some stupid kid left the door open and at about 9 10ish im sitting in the driveway almost in tears..when she darts toward me crying i get up to get her and she takes off, im like FUCK! and so we open the door to the house and i wait and wait then finally mom comes out and says Ois in my room IM like thank goodness *big sigh* so yeah that was all with in this week... not to mention that mikeys mom got foster kids again and that has been kinda hard she gets me up every mornign at like 7 8 ish to help he out i have np with that its jsut hard sometimes... ill live.

so yeah besides all of that good stuff i have more good stuff, me and mikey are coming back to seattle on like the 29th of sept and i cant wait being here is just plain wierd at times and just overwhelmign i guess... when im not stressing about stuff and being a nannny, mikey got me the game i ahve been drooling over for a while Legacey of Kain Defience YAAY hehe i love the new stuff and the fun things yaay ...

well im sure i have a lot more to write about but idk what to write about...
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